5 Other Promising Affiliate Programs Bloggers Should Explore

5 Other Promising Affiliate Programs Bloggers Should Explore


Blogging is not as simple as many people think it is. It involves commitment, consistency and a lot of hardwork to be able to stand out and be successful. Since a lot of time is devoted to blogging, many bloggers try to monetize it. This is why affiliate marketing networks and affiliate programs blogs have experienced a big boom lately. In fact, you can make use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to do this.

Affiliate marketing is easy in a sense that you do not necessarily have to own products or offer services. All you have to do is mere promotion. You can do this by placing ads about the products or services of certain merchants in to your own blog or site. Easy right? And it takes you away from the many hassles of being a traditional sales agent. You just have to choose the right affiliate programs blogs suited for you and your site.

In Affiliate marketing, if a customer or client makes a purchase through the affiliate’s blog then it is already the merchant’s responsibility to take care of handling orders, payments and shipments but the affiliates still get his or her share without having to worry about non-payment or any problems in the transaction. This is greatest of asset of affiliate blogging or affiliate programs blogs.

The main function of affiliate programs blogs is to handle all these merchant’s tasks but still allows all the affiliates to keep track of their individual revenues and what certain service or product have been serving them well. With the help of these tools, one is able to determine to streamline the products and services he or she should be focusing on thus, leading to better returns.

Here’s a list of top 5 other most promising affiliate programs blogs that you might want to explore and even try:


Linkshare accounts for more than 10 million affiliate partnerships, making it the biggest affiliate network available. Last year, it took the number one spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks. It is known to maintain great and strong quality with unbeatable international qualities.


Google Affiliate Network works through pay-per action network. For one to be take advantage of this, he must have a Google AdSense account which he can utilize when putting up the ads of products or services in the blogs or sites of the affiliates. This could mainly be the merchant’s responsibility but could be that of an affiliate if he also happens to be a merchant himself.


Amazon Associates claimed the fourth place last year’s Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks. It is not just known for being both a large and diverse network. Since we all know for a fact that you can find anything and everything under the sun in Amazon.com, it should be no surprise that this network is a sure hit. They have a wide array of products that you can choose from to post in your blog or website.

You get a share for every sale of these products and items.


This gained wide popularity particularly in North America but offers services all over the world. Commission Junction is known for keeping a great sense of balance between the affiliates and merchants. Aside from the pay per action program that if offers, they also provide pay per call program to give its affiliates the secured feeling that they will be paid for their generated leads and prospects. This is a great way to encourage affiliates to do more thus creating more monetizing opportunities.


This Chicago based network was dabbed as the best performing marketing network in the world. It provides around 2500 programs which merchants can make use of like Hootsuite. The network has maintained a good reputation with excellent ratings.

Source by Liz Bahh