A 3 Step System to Online Business Success

A 3 Step System to Online Business Success


So you think you want to own your own business? Are you out of your gourd? Sure, all your friends will say “Must be nice to be your own boss! You can work when ever you want!” Of course they don’t know that “Work whenever you want” means you can work when ever you want as long as you want to work an awful lot! People who have never started a company, built a home based business or run an Internet marketing business don’t have clue what it’s like to be self employed. Sure, you’d like to be a millionaire, you’d like to build a business making money online and acquire the business acumen that will make your home based business a money machine. But let’s be realistic for a moment. To really make money online requires hard work. Anddddd there are some significant benefits to working for yourself! But first, this newsflash… It doesn’t have to be that hard!

Three Steps to Learn how to Make Money Online. If you imagine getting paid while you’re sleeping or making money while you’re on vacation you are in the right frame of mind to visualize a business making money online. There are the three steps common to every successful endeavor.

1.KNOWLEDGE – First, you must have the basic KNOWLEDGE to understand your objective.

2.ACTION – Second you must be willing to turn that knowledge into ACTION. Many a sales manager has harped on her sales reps “Nothing happens until something gets sold!” And selling takes action.

3.REFLECT – Third – yearn and learn or simply REFLECT. You must have a yearning for learning to reach your dreams. Nobody knows it all so acquire a learning attitude and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. When you take time to REFLECT on your knowledge and actions you have an opportunity to integrate those learning’s at a deeper level. Keep in mind that you probably won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes by yourself so you might consider learning a little bit from other people’s mistakes. Here’s a little more detail on this simple three-step system to success:

KNOWLEDGE You must have the information before you act. Jason Switzer, a very successful licensee for the DubLi Network says, “I’ve made it a practice to learn about online marketing tools from people who have made a lot of money. I know the knowledge they are sharing with me is not just an opinion but it is proof. I understand that to make money online marketing must offer something of value to the buy and be inspiring to the seller.”

Assess your mental resources and limitations before you begin your business. Build a team of people around you have complementary skills. Before you start an online business or take on a new challenge, make a list of the primary skills necessary to be successful. Check off the ones that you are comfortable with and assign a name and/or a resource to the ones that you don’t. If you know that you don’t know how to get something done, delegate it, subcontract it, or learn it. It doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know as long as you know what you know and what you don’t know!

ACTION Building a successful online business will require an understanding of yourself and well thought out action steps. But also keep in mind that old saying, “Knowledge is power.” Well, that’s only partly true. Knowing how to fly a jet is not the same as flying it. Turning knowledge into action is where many great business ideas dry up and blow away. Plan like you’re going to live forever but act as if this is your last day. Take action today, right now, this moment. Take action on the next most important steps. Baby steps are good. How many people have you heard say, “I’m going to write a book some day!” Anyone of them certainly could write a book but very few will ever even take the first step. REFLECTION Finally, take time to sit with the results of your actions and Reflect. Reflecting is allowing yourself to sit still long enough to hear your own inner voice. As you Reflect on the performance of your actions you can talk to yourself about how you can do that action better, more consistently, and more effectively in the future. Don’t hop from one action to the next wondering why things are not working so well. Stop, smell the roses, and learn from your actions. You are going to learn from your lessons in the long run anyway, why not slow down a bit in the beginning of the process and learn from your successes or blunders early in the process.

If you want to remember this three-step process and check your daily thinking, then think of your business as having three major components. Think of a CAR… only spell it with a “K.” KAR is the acronym for KNOWLEDGE, ACTION, REFLECTION. This learning tool is simple and memorable. If it was more complicated than this you would forget this entire article before the end of the day. Success is simple. Anyone can integrate this three-step system to online business success in an instant. Notice that we referred to this as “a” system, not “the” system. This is one of many business and personal growth systems you can use to take charge of your business and your life.

The KNOWLEDGE, ACTION, AND REFLECTION system can be applied to a small project or a major undertaking. The principles are the same. Apply this three-step system and you will undoubtedly have much greater success for any change you are attempting to make in your life!