A Closer Look at Money Making Blogs

A Closer Look at Money Making Blogs


This brings us to a very important point of discussion regarding the factors that are required to make a blog or blogger successful and rich using this simple method of blogging. Following are the case studies of some of the more successful blogs, which will help you understand why some blogs are more successful than others.

  • One of the successful blogs today is the I Can Has Cheezburger blog, which is basically a humorous blog that deals with anecdotes and funny situations occurring in everyday life. It is interesting to note that this blog has over 15 million page views in a month and generates an income of more than $5,500 every month. According to the creators of this blog, the impact of a blog depends on the whether or not you have identified the perfect niche and not on the exact monetary value of your idea. This would help generate traffic, which ultimately leads to building a community of your own.
  • Another successful blog is the Go Fug Yourself blog, which is all about celebrities and their photographs. Celebrities and popular personalities and their lives have always attracted the common person. So, any blog that caters to this need of the people is bound to be a success. It is, therefore, not surprising that this blog attracts over 4 million page views a month and generates an income of over $6,000 every month.
  • An allied blog in the same genre is the Perez Hilton blog, which supplies all the latest gossip about celebrities. This blog attracts nearly 4 million page views every month, all due to its consistent posting of up-to-the-minute photos. The income generated by this blog is a cool $111,000 a month and this is only because advertisers are attracted to the traffic generated by the posts.
  • Mashable and Boing Boing are two successful blogs that provide information on a variety of subjects and cater to the need of the people to know about the latest technological and other happenings in the world. It is interesting to note that both these blogs are the most trafficked and the largest money making blogs, with Boing Boing making more than $1 million and Mashable making $166,000 every month.

From the above studies, it is clear that traffic is absolutely essential for success of a blog. Traffic brings in monetary success is a well known fact but what most people are not clear about is how this is possible. A look at the above case studies will reflect the answer, which is very simply – through advertising.

Advertisers are constantly on the lookout for successful web pages with maximum views and if your blog is successful, then advertisers and companies will definitely approach you to place their ads. The more successful your page is, the more money you can get from such advertisers, which ultimately means monetary success. In fact, in the above case studies, blogs like Boing Boing seek $350 for placement of a small button for a week and anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 for minimum 170,000 impressions on banner ads.

In addition, a successful blog attracts other people interested in promoting themselves or their companies through paid interviews, magazine articles, photographs and the like, which again brings in a lot of money for the blog owner. So, blogging your way to monetary success is not a dream anymore, provided you work hard and attract advertisers.

Source by Michelle Crossley