Affiliate Marketing 101 – Tips For New Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing 101 – Tips For New Bloggers


What Is An Affiliate?

Simply put an affiliate is someone who recommends a product or service in exchange for a commission on the sale of that product or service.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Here’s are the basics of how affiliate marketing works.

  1. You have a blog.
  2. You identify a product or service that you are comfortable recommending to your readers.
  3. You sign up to that company’s affiliate program.
  4. You recommend the product or service to your readers via text link, review, or other advertisement.
  5. They buy the product or service.
  6. You receive a commission for your referral.

NOTE: Make sure that read and understand the FTC Guidelines for affiliate disclosures. Please review these new rules yourself and if you have questions, please ask your own legal counsel. BlogPress cannot and does not give legal advice to our customers.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For New Bloggers

Join affiliate programs of products you know and trust.

There are THOUSANDS of products and services with affiliate programs claiming to make you rich. Your best bet is to stick with companies that you already know and trust.

We recommend ClickBank in this 90-Day Success Plan because we know and trust their program and they offer a searchable, ranked database of products that you can promote on your blog. Plus, they handle all of the payment processing and support. They are the ONLY company that we’ve worked over the years who consistently pay on time and in the amount you expect.

Promote products that have a purpose.

When researching products to promote, look for products that offer real value. Look for products that teach, solve a problem, or remove pain or fear… The products you promote should touch your audience at an emotional level. They will not buy a product just because it’s interesting or pretty.

Write good content.

Your readers will be more likely to purchase the products you recommend if they trust you. To earn their trust, you must provide value consistently through solid, high-quality content.

If new visitors come to your site and all they are ads and overly promotional content, it’s doubtful they will even come back, much less buy anything from you.

Focus on SEO and growing your following.

Make sure that your content is thoroughly optimized for the search engines. This will generate free traffic to your affiliate promotions. Also, build your Social Media profile. More traffic means more conversions.

Test. Test. Test.

Get the most from your traffic. Whether you’re getting 100 visitors per day or 10,000, the higher your conversion rate, the more money you will make.

Try different ad formats, layouts and text. Test writing reviews vs. a casual mentions.  Test different products against one another. Our rule of thumb is that you should always be testing something.

Progress over perfection and be patient.

Don’t get stuck trying to make everything perfect before you begin your affiliate marketing campaign. Yes, it will take longer to make money in the beginning, but make your mistakes at a lower traffic level – it will cost you a lot less money!

Don’t listen to the hype about making $100,000 this month. While it is possible, it’s not probable. Growing a solid, ethical business takes time. And if you’re brand new at this, it’s foolish to expect to become an expert overnight.

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