All You Need to Know About Making Money As a Blogger

All You Need to Know About Making Money As a Blogger


You can be  making   money  as a  blogger ! No joke. Keep in mind, though, that behind every successful  blogger  stands a lot of hard work and perseverance. Not only that, but a  blogger  has to love what he’s writing about.

 Making   Money  As A  Blogger  Means Content and Site Traffic

Not only do you need enthusiasm, you need useful content that people want to read about. Once you have that– along with a steady flow of traffic to your site–you can start thinking about ways to make money. One of the best ways to do this is through advertising. Advertising can be either direct or indirect.

Direct Advertising for  Making   Money  as a  Blogger 

Direct advertising means getting income directly from the blog. This can be done by selling ad space on your blog. There are some good programs such as AdSense that can scan blog text and add contextual ads. AdSense works well with practical subjects that can come up with a commercial angle. It doesn’t work so well for abstract subjects such as politics or religion. Payment is on a “per click” (CPC) basis.

Another direct earning method is using blog ads. The advantage with this is that  bloggers  can control the kind of ads that show up on their sites and how much they charge for the ads. The disadvantage is that if the price is too high, you might not get any ads.

Text links are also a good way to sell ads directly. They don’t take up much room on your blog and you can also control what type of ads get put up. A good program for setting up text links is Chitika. There are also other direct advertising methods such as RSS advertising and the latest-mobile application advertising.

Indirect Advertising for  Making   Money  As A  Blogger 

Indirect advertising means making money because of your blog. This is another good way for  making   money  as a  blogger  once your blog starts getting a higher profile. Indirect advertising can include such things as consulting and coaching services. Once people start seeing a  blogger  as an expert in a particular field, they will start going to him for advice. And people are willing to pay for good advice.

Many  bloggers  also advertise books-either e-books or hard covers-that they’ve written. Sometimes publishers will even come to a  blogger  because they have put themselves “out there” with a book idea. But even selling a few copies of an e-book online every month can turn out to be quite lucrative in the long run.

Additional Tips for  Making   Money  as a  Blogger 

In addition, a successful  blogger  can offer courses, audios/videos and webinars as well as  make  himself available for speaking opportunities and training programs. In addition to offering products he has produced, a  blogger  can give referrals for products  made  by others. In that case, the  blogger  will get a percentage of the profit  made  through his referral.

All in all, there are many exciting opportunities for  making   money  as a  blogger  if you are willing to work at it and dream big!

Source by Karen Marrow