Amazon avoids a #PrimeDayFail on social media this year

Amazon avoids a #PrimeDayFail on social media this year


That smile on the Amazon logo is especially appropriate today. In addition to a 60-percent increase in sales over last year, Prime Day was a hit on social media, too. Two sentiment tracking services agree that social activity around Prime Day was far more positive than negative this year.

Adobe Social says it analyzed the sentiment involved in more than four million social engagements this year and last and found that “sadness” around Prime Day dropped from 50 percent last year to 39 percent. Last year, that sadness was marked by the #PrimeDayFail hashtag, which shoppers used to vent their frustration over poor selection and quick sellouts. This year, Adobe says, the sadness sentiment surrounded some “add to cart” technical problems early in the day, as well as some “odd deals” — Adobe’s wording — that Amazon offered.

While sadness declined, Adobe says “joy” rose from 23 percent to 30 percent this year. Adobe classifies another 22 percent of social sentiment as “admiration” and nine percent as “surprise.” Together, joy and admiration made up 52 percent of the social sentiment around Prime Day.

Likewise, Amobee Brand Intelligence says Prime Day was a positive for Amazon on Twitter. Amobee looked at almost 90,000 tweets Tuesday with the #PrimeDay hashtag and found that positive tweets outnumbered negative 27 percent to nine percent. Amobee says it classifies the other 64 percent of tweets as neutral.

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