Apple News quietly opens up to smaller content publishers

Apple News quietly opens up to smaller content publishers


Several articles today flagged the fact that Apple News is now allowing all small content publishers and bloggers to get in on the app. Although expected, the move may be prompted by Apple’s desire to build up content and interest in the app as Facebook and Google accelerate their competing efforts.

Some smaller publishers and bloggers received notice that they could “upgrade” to Apple News format for iOS.

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Participating in Apple News provides publishers access to a potentially large audience, which Apple has said exceeds 40 million. It also provides measurement tools and monetization through iAd:

Monetization of Apple News Format content is made simple with iAd, Apple’s advertising platform. Keep 100 percent of the revenue from the ads you sell, and 70 percent when iAd sells ads for you.

Google recently launched AMP in mobile search results. Facebook recently expanded access to Instant Articles to brands as well as media companies. It rolled out the platform to all publishers in February.

Each of these formats is intended to improve the mobile news/content experience. WordPress is supporting Instant Articles and AMP. But publishers must decide whether to play in all three sandboxes. Over time it’s unlikely that all three formats will survive; the question is: who will be the first to go?

We asked Apple for a comment on the move today but have not heard back.

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