Big changes to device bidding In AdWords: What could they mean for...

Big changes to device bidding In AdWords: What could they mean for your accounts?


Anyone who runs PPC campaigns will be well aware that behavior varies across devices. Even if you don’t manage PPC accounts, you need only to think about yourself as a user (and what device you turn to for which actions) to appreciate the difference between mobile and desktop behavior.

Acknowledging these differences and adjusting your strategy and bids for mobile devices is vital for campaign success, and Google has recently announced updates which could have a huge impact on your accounts if used effectively.

Here we’ll look at exactly what those updates are and consider what they could mean long term.

What’s changing?

Before enhanced campaigns were released in 2013, it was possible to create separate campaigns for each device you wanted to target. However, multiple versions of each campaign complicated things, and as device usage proliferated, Google simplified the situation with enhanced campaigns.

With just one campaign for all devices, you set your base bids for desktop and tablet together and then were able to apply a bid adjustment to mobile (-100 percent to +300 percent).

Over the coming months, Google will be rolling out a change to enhanced campaigns that will allow you to set your base bids for any device and set bid adjustments for the others. Tablet has broken free of the shackles of desktop, and you get to choose which device is most important for your campaign and should thus act as the baseline.

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