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Blogging Made Easy – For Any Business: Make Money Blogging – 12 Week Action Plan Inside! By Greg Reed


Why You Need To Read This Book

Blogging Made Easy addresses the key issues for people on how to blog and ultimately how to make money blogging.

Lots of similar books TALK about how to blog and how to blog for profit but never really SHOW you how to do it. Bloggers face many problems when starting their blogs with issues like what to write about, who is their target market, what voice or tone their blog will take and finally how to make money blogging.

These issues are important and are addressed in this book. You’ll know exactly what to write, how to speak to your audience and if you follow the steps outlined in the book, you’ll discover how to blog for profit.

51UoyWo+v5L._SL210_But the big issue that almost every other book on how to blog fails to cover is clearly addressed here. It’s fine to talk about keyword research and how to speak to your readers minds but without a definitive plan that actually shows you how to blog, then the thoughts of blogging remain just that – thoughts.

We live in a very busy world. While the opportunities of riches are more abundant now than have ever been at any time in history, most of us are very time poor. We simply don’t have the time to take on another project; especially one that might house a lot of new skills which must be learned and definitely one that requires a consistent effort.

The number one reason why bloggers give up on their dreams of making money blogging is that they simply don’t have the TIME and consistency to see the project through. They quit too early into their venture of blogging because they become disillusioned with lower than expected results for the time they have already put in.

Blogging Made Easy addresses the number one issue, being a lack of time, by providing a 12 week action plan for you to follow. This step by step blueprint where we take you by the hand and walk you through every facet of how to blog and guide you to make money blogging. We show you how to discover your niche, research the keywords people are looking forward in order to obtain information, what platform to use and how to professionally put it all together in this time poor world. There is no guessing here. You will design a blog to address key issues people need solved.

The book centers on the real estate industry but the principles are applicable to all businesses and hobbyists alike. Being a top selling real estate agent for over 25 years, I discovered blogging was a great way to improve my brand, generate more leads and ultimately make more sales by having customers coming to me without me having to cold call or knock on doors. Blogging Made Easy will improve your brand and your bottom line; no matter what industry you are in.

While time and consistency is the number one issue bloggers have trouble sticking to writing their blog, the other main problem is not knowing how to write. A lot of bloggers get hung up on the thought that they can’t write. Many bloggers think that in order for their work to be read and admired, that they need to be award winning writers in the first place. The fear that arises from their Grade 4 failure of English at primary school grips them to a point that they simply don’t start or give up within weeks of launching their blog. Nothing determines failure quicker than quitting. Our book crushes failure and puts you onto a road to success.

In our 12 week action plan we address this very issue. We immediately dispel the notion that you are writing for some literary professor and that your work will be judged for the Nobel Prize In Literature. We show you exactly how to write 500+ keyword rich content that solves problems for your readers without you lifting a pen; all done in quick time and without costing you a fortune. Our plan is actionable, inexpensive and it works!

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