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Killer Snake

I was about 14 when Bill & I were trapping for Raccoons. It was in June in East Texas. We put a live trap in a creek at a place where it was about 3" deep. We would shoot brook trout with a 22 for bait. We baited the trap and set some steel traps.

The next morning we had a big Stump Tail Water Moccacin big around as a Coke can & 3' long in the live trap. We both said what do we do now. We thought a bit and I came up with shooting it with the 22. I tried shooting it in the head but he was quick swimming in the water. I was tearing up the live trap with the bullets. So we thought it through again. I came up with the idea of opening the door and Bill shoot it with a 20 gauge shotgun. There was one big problem the door opened to the inside of the trap. I told Bill when I open the door the snake is going to try to bite me. When he sticks his head out past my hand Shoot it.

Sure enough the snake hit his head on the back of my hand 2 or 3 times trying to bite. By the way this snake is very poisonous!! Bill had the shotgun barrel close to my hand. After the snake tried several times to bite while in the trap he poked his head out and was turning his head with mouth wide open about to strike when Bill fired the shotgun. The water and mud exploded. Bill shot the snakes head OFF and missed me.

Covered in mud & water I looked to see if I still had my hand. I did.

Later on that day I thought if we had taken the trap out of the water the snake wouldn't have been able to move so quick & I would have been able to shoot him in the trap.

If you have a similar or exciting story we sure would like to read it!!

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