Do Blogs Make Money?

Do Blogs Make Money?


Blogs make money by selling advertising and by selling products and services. So blogs and   bloggers  get paid when enough people on their site choose to spend  money  by buying a product or by clicking on advertising.

If you want to start a career as a  blogger  and  make  a living, that might work but there are a few steps to make sure that you do it well.

For example if you have lost a lot of weight and you have some tricks and techniques to help people do it like you did, start a blog and talk about it. Blogs regularly, multiple times a week, and you’ll start to get an audience. And then you can write your own guide about how you lost the weight or you can sell advertising on your blog. You will probably make more money blogging if you sell products or services that you sell advertising areas but it depends.

So some money making ideas for blogs would be to blog about something that there are TV commercials about. Blog about food or about sports or about entertainment. Something that interests you but some area where people spend a lot of money.

You could blog about golf of your good golfer. Give away some great techniques on your blog and make some videos of you golfing, and then write a guide about how to be a better golfer.

So change your expectations that blogs don’t make money and realize that they do. If you do the right research and put in the time and effort you can make money blogging too.

Source by Sam B. J.