Do Free Blogs Make Money?

Do Free Blogs Make Money?


There is no denying that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world own free blogs but the fact that very few make money from them does not mean that nobody makes any serious cash from blogs. On the contrary there is a rapidly increasing number of bloggers who are taking home some amazing incomes-even from free hosted blogs like

Clearly the key to making money from blogs has to do with traffic. One of my free blogs on blogger has received almost 1.5 million hits and I use various affiliate programs as well as sell my own products directly on this blog to earn a fairly good living for myself. So I can confidently tell you that folks DO make money from free blogs, because I can be counted in that number.

I am very much aware of the fact that many web savy people do not take blogs seriously, let alone order anything from them. But I also know for a fact that I continue to receive a steady flow of orders for products that I have created, directly from my free blogs. I am sure that I would make a lot more money if I registered my own domain name and I will probably do that in the near future. But right now you can be sure that I am having lots of fun with my 39 free blogs covering a diverse and wide range of different subjects.

Naturally the key to all this is in being able to generate enough daily traffic to be able to make money from your free blog. I use just one promotional technique and that is articles marketing. In other words all I do is generate articles and post them to two article directories with links pointing to my blog.

Source by Christopher Kyalo