Does Blogging Make Money?

Does Blogging Make Money?


If you’re wondering if blogging makes money then yes it does. Bloggers can make money by getting paid for advertising on their blogs and for selling products and services on their blogs.

So blogging does make money but many bloggers do not get paid because they blog about things that don’t matter to a lot of people. And they blog about things where people don’t spend a lot of money. If you’re blogging about a personal road trip than your family and friends will be interested, but people will not pay for advertising or pay to buy products and services unless you are a very compelling person and you have a great guide to help them do what you enjoy doing.

But most blogs make money by talking about stuff like weight loss and relationships and money making ideas and blogging and knitting.

But you will have to be dedicated to make a blog earn some cash. For a blog to bring in revenue it’s going to have to keep people regularly updated with interesting and curtailing information related to what they are seeking. If you have a hungry crowd that wants to learn how to find great deals on restaurants or wants to know how to cook great meals and learn delicious recipes, then you can sell them advertising related to that topic.

But it should be something that you care about so that you will be passionate and committed to doing it regularly and consistently and don’t forget that you should enjoy the whole thing.

Source by Sam B. J.