Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to “land a big...

Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to “land a big one”


I love to fish. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many excellent fights and satisfying catches, but I’ve also spent days staring at my line without so much as a nibble in reward.

On those days, it can be pretty tempting to give up and assume, “There are no fish in this river!” Of course, it’s harder to make that accusation stick when the guy 100 yards downstream seems to have fish after fish on the line.

As much as I hate to admit it, the problem usually isn’t the fish — I’m usually fishing the wrong way.

My experience with AdWords campaigns has been very similar. B2B companies I work with often insist that “there’s no money in AdWords.” I can’t really blame them for feeling this way. I mean, I recently audited a B2B company that had spent $150,000 on AdWords without a single sale to show for it.

But the question is this: Is the problem AdWords, or are you simply using it the wrong way?

If your experience with AdWords has been similarly unsatisfying, it may surprise you to hear that most of my B2B clients get the majority of their leads and sales from AdWords. To put it simply, there’s money in AdWords… if you know how to catch it.

As a veteran B2B angler, here are a few tips you can use to “land a big one” (and keep landing big ones) for your company with AdWords.

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