Four Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Using Advertising

Four Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Using Advertising


Creating a blog is the first step. Then you have to publish some material on it. But eventually, you have to make money from it. If you are getting visitors to your website but are not making any money from it, you must keep reading this article. In this article, we will share with you, four different ways of making money from your blog using advertising.

There are a lot of different ways to monetize your blog. These include affiliate marketing, selling links, selling your services, advertising and many more. In this article, we will cover making money through advertising. There are many different types and designs for online advertisement, which include text ads, image ads, pop-ups and many others.

Followings are the five different ways, using which you can make some good bucks from your website or blog.

1. Text Ads

Text ads are the ones, which do not contain any images or graphics. These are simply links in the form of text. These links point to the product or website, you want to advertise. When someone will click on the text ads, they will be sent to that product or website. As a result, you will earn money.

Implementing textual ads is very simple. All you have to do is to copy the code for advertisement and paste it into your blog. If you have many different categories on your blog, the textual ads are the best ones to earn money from your blog.

2. Banner Ads

The second option to make money online from your blog is through the banner advertising. In banner advertising, the advertisements will be in the form of graphics and text. You can use the banner advertisements from some Affiliate system, Google AdSense or some other advertising company.

Putting banner ads on your website is also very simple. You have to copy the code from the advertising company and paste into the parts of your blog, where you want to show your ads.

3. Products Related Advertising

In this form of advertising, you can show the ads for some particular products. You can use the products from online stores or auctions. As a result, the ads for products will start showing on your blog. These ads will be relevant to the content of your blog.

Before starting the product-based advertising, you should find out a particular niche. You should then create a website around that niche. In this form of advertising, the products’ images and prices are also shown along with the description of products. This type of advertising can prove to be very lucrative.

4. Blog Sponsors

Another good way of earning from your blog is to get sponsors from different advertising agencies. You should make an agreement with the agencies about how long you will show their ads and what will be the content, size and placement of the ads. And of course, you should decide forehand about how much the agencies will pay you for showing their ads.