Google AdSense – Make Money Blogging

Google AdSense – Make Money Blogging


What is Google AdSense? Does Google have anything except a search engine and Gmail? How do we make money with Google AdSense? These are some questions we counter these days in India and the world over. Pay per click advertising is clearly preferred these days by people. We also found people who join with lot of expectation do leave abruptly even before taking off. This essay is an attempt to bring light to the hardships and benefits of PPC advertising.

Pay per click advertising is designed to make use of millions of internet publishers or webmasters to earn from their websites. Whenever a visitor to your website clicks on your ad, you make money. Only the visitor must click on the ads. Google, MSN, Yahoo, Miva, Oxado, Bidvertiser, and Adbrite are the main players. Google with its AdSense is the clear leader of the pack. To make money here you are required to have a website or a blog. Your blogs must also have reasonable and original content. It must attract visitors every day before you apply AdSense.

How to create a website? Creating a website is easy. You must have a content. In India you can easily join a hosting plan paying as little as 1000 rupees. There are free websites like that offer free websites. Having your own website or blog does improve your chances of getting approved by Google. To create a website, every hosting provider or free websites do have a site builder which even people with no technical knowledge can use. The content as AdSense say must be original. If it founds your content as a copy AdSense reserves the right to ban your membership any moment. There should be some reasonable content to begin with. AdSense loves more and more content. Before applying for AdSense we would like to inform you to do certain promotional activities that will bring visitors to your website.

Promotion of your website or blog is the main thing in this whole exercise. People do not have any ideas here, they just apply for AdSense and wait for it to bring money. The actual money comes from your visitors. Once you have completed your website submit your website to search engines, social networking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook etc. After that there are many more promotional activities to be done like article writing, writing a press release, and advertising on online classifieds etc. You can even use discussion boards to have discussion and list your URL link. Yahoo answer is also an effective way to promote your website.

Google AdSense is one of the genuine money making ideas online. You have to wait and put in your efforts for some time to make money. If you want to become rich overnight you are not welcome here. You can make as much money here provided you are ready to work hard and wait longer. You may start to feel the difference after say three months.