History of Blogging & Today Blogs

History of Blogging & Today Blogs


The first few blogs appeared on the web at the end of 1990s, no one could have predicated the amazing growth they would experience over the next few years.

Blogs started as a simple, user-friendly way for people to publish on the Net and regularly update their thoughts and views, information that are relevant to their readers and also links to other websites. However, these early blogs were mostly produced by people with a lot of Programming knowledge and they catered to a narrow audience of technically minded people.

Finally, in 1999 an easy to use online application called   blogger   made  blogging accessible to anyone, and this new technology really started to take off. When mighty Google bought  Blogger  in 2003, the search engine secured the future popularity of blogging as an online activity for  millions  of people. The number of blogs on the internet soared and blogging officially become an online phenomenon.

Blogging had arrived and arrived with a bang!

Since then, blogging has continued to grow in leaps and bounds becoming more and more popular as time goes by. There are no signs of this incredible trend slowing down. Here are some of the blog-related statistics

· A search for “blog” on Google in November 2005 showed 475 million results

· Blog directory Technorati was tracking more than 21 million blogs by November 2005

· A new blog is created every second

·  Bloggers  add more than 33,000 new blog posts every hour

Plus the internet big boys have all joined in. Yahoo, MSN and AOL are all joining Google  Blogger  in taking blogging to the masses.

The result of this blog explosion is that everyone from millionaires to work-at-home mummy to carpenter to directors of fortune 500 companies can now have their own blog.

So what is the new age blog?

A blog can be a stand-alone website or part of a larger website which made up of short articles of pieces of information that usually contain links to other relevant articles or website.

These posts are written by the website owner or by an appointed person on a regular basis with the most recent post appearing at the top of the page. Blogging software automatically archives each post by date and often by category, so it is easy to find older posts. This reverse chronological content system and automatic archiving make blogs different from regular websites.

Another difference is that the comments system common to most blogs which allows  bloggers  to have conversations with their readers by letting visitors to post their own comments or views on the topics being discussed.

Blogging allows anyone and everyone to have a voice online, no matter what is their level of technical knowledge. This influx of fresh voice onto the internet combined with the open communication, blogging has thus helped to stop web from being dominated by large corporations.

Blogs have become flexible tools with many different uses. Most importantly, for our purposes – Blogs have become a highly effective business tool. Both online and offline businesses can use blogs to take their products and services to a wider audience, increasing their traffic, leads and sales. There are even  bloggers  today whose sole source of income comes from blogging.

However, before we start to explore on how blog can benefit your business, it is important that you understand the reason why blog have become so popular.

Source by Jack Lan