How Do You Make a Blog Site

How Do You Make a Blog Site


If you’ve been asking yourself “how do you make a blog site?”, you should start with two other questions first. Prior to starting your own blog site, these two questions should be addressed first: “Why do I want to create a blog?” and “What is my purpose for creating the blog?” Once you know the answer to these two questions, you will not get lost because of all the advice and all of the affiliate programs that are on the Internet today.

Blogging for Profits

Before you know how money is made online, you must first understand the economic principles that underlie all transactions, whether it is online or in the real world. People pay for something that they think is valuable.

Nobody would pay for something that is readily accessible and readily made with no effort at all.

Would you pay for air?

Once you’ve got the hang of how things work on the Internet, then you could be on your way to blogging for profits.

Choosing a Blog Provider

Choosing a blog provider tells a lot about yourself and your personality. As an experienced   blogger  with over 40 blogs on different platforms, I could say that each blog platform has its own strengths and weaknesses.

How do you make a blog site for free? Profit from Google. which is owned by Google is very ideal for online campaigns because Blogspot blogs are easily indexed by Google within a short period of time. Experts would argue, however that blogs hosted on other providers can also be indexed quickly if you are going to submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Those are all valid and at the end of the day, you really should go with the blog provider that makes you feel comfortable with their terms and conditions.

Blogspot provides an interface that is easily understandable and intuitive, so much so that as long as you have a Gmail account, you’ll be able to put up your own blog within a minute or two.

Domain Name

Finding the right domain name could make or break your blogging career. You might be surprised, but since blogging is about writing interesting things, many people care about grammar and spelling. Here are some tips when choosing a domain name:

  • Go for commonly used and highly descriptive words. If your blog is going to about your profession as a lawyer, it wouldn’t help you if you would have a blog that is under the domain of Not only is the domain incorrectly spelled, it is also highly unprofessional. Go for legally sounding names such as or – although I am quite sure that these are already taken.
  • Sub-domains? Sub-domains can also be powerful enough to merit the attention of a high Google Page Rank. The only thing that you should watch is the length of the blog name. Although, web sites are most often accessed through keywords, having a domain which have very few letters even if it is just a sub-domain is very helpful. The rule is try not to exceed 11 letters.


How do you make a blog site that looks good? By using templates. Templates make it easy for you to have a site that looks like it was professionally made. Be sure to give credit though, where credit is due.

Remember that each person has his or her own preference when it comes to reading. Some people like black and dark backgrounds, while some people like light backgrounds.

Try to choose a template that matches the topic that you would like to focus on.

Source by Nadia V. G.