How to Earn Money Online With WordPress

How to Earn Money Online With WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular and best known free blogging networks on the internet. According to several sources more than seventy per cent of bloggers are using this blogging platform. They offer a free hosted version and a downloadable version that you are able to set up in your own hosting account.

There are two different methods to make money with WordPress. The 1st is creating a site or blog using WordPress and monetizing that website. The 2nd is offering different services for WordPress users such as coding, creating themes and plugins, WordPress hosting and SEO services for WordPress, among many others.

Making a blog or site with WordPress

You’ve two alternatives to create a blog with WordPress: opening a free account with them (the web address of your blog will be or setting up the downloadable version of WordPress on your own hosting account and using your own domain name.

The most used monetization technique for blogs is advertising. Most bloggers are using AdSense or selling their own banner spots. Another extraordinary way to earn money with a blog is through associate programs like amazon, clickbank and commission junction. Many bloggers are also using programs like kontera and adbrite in order to earn money through contextual and in text advertising. Some other ways to earn money with a blog are donations, selling text links and writing paid reviews.

Offering services to WordPress users

A few of these services include designing and customizing templates, designing headers, converting other sites to WordPress, adding unusual functionalities to WordPress and creating and customizing WordPress plugins.