How to Make Millions – Ten Off-Beat Ways

How to Make Millions – Ten Off-Beat Ways


How to make millions? Everybody wants to know the answer to that. At home and at school, we are taught that if you work hard and follow your dreams, you will get there. And when we grow up and our lives are just – get up, survive, go back to bed – we realize how untrue that was. Life is unfair. There must be more to it than just work, work and work everyday? So how to make millions? Isn’t it time you did something weird and unconventional in an attempt to break free from the monotony? Presented here are a few unconventional ways to make millions.

1. Join the glamor industry

Work out, get in shape, get a new haircut, change your dressing style, do whatever it takes to make yourself more desirable and try out modeling.

2. Become an inventor

How to make millions by inventing something big? Get yourself some tools, a bench lathe and some raw material and let those creative juices flow.

3. Try acting

You could start out small and work your way up to the big league. Remember – big jobs go people who have proved their ability to outgrow the small jobs.

4. Become a rock star

A rags-to-riches music icon. If you’re thinking how to make millions in the music industry, read the biography of Eminem. It’s very inspiring.

5. Develop some unconventional software or computer application.

Sabir Bhatia did it with hotmail. Mark Zuckerberg did it with Facebook. Is the next big thing in computers coming from you?

6. Try a world record

Most people who are thinking how to make millions do something drastic like trying to break a world record. But get out in one piece because you need to be alive to enjoy the money!

7. Sport

This can be physically demanding and there can be lots of competition.

8. Start a cult

Now this might not be the best suggestion, but hey, we are talking unconventional here.

Cult leaders sure know how to make millions. But they also know how to make headlines. Remember Charles Manson?

9. Art

It’s not easy to break into art and there is a lot of subjectivity and opinion here. But things can change for the better if you’re lucky.

10. Take up farming

Agriculture can be very lucrative if you know what to do. But it is highly specialized and takes years of learning and experience.

Source by Caolan Patrick