How to Make Money on the Internet – Top 10 Tips

How to Make Money on the Internet – Top 10 Tips


1. Affiliate Marketing

With this method you are able to sell other peoples products on a commission only basis, there are thousands of products to choose form with networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank some of them pay you up to 70% of the profit. All you have to do is send them traffic though your link and you get paid for anyone that buys.

2. eBay

Go a load of old stuff in your basement you want to rid of? Why not turn it into cash with the eBay! Or if you know where to get something cheaper then you can sell that on eBay too.

3. Associated Content

These guys will pay you for writing articles, any good at writing? Why not make some guaranteed income with this method!

4. Publish An eZine

There is a lot of money in building a mailing list around a niche topic or subject, provide them with quality articles (some which can find on EzineArticles) and put sponsored ads in the your newsletter which contain your affiliate links.

5. Setup A Blog

Know a lot about a subject you passionate about and want to share it with the world? Why not setup a Blog? You can recommend products and services to your readers and put banners on your site to make some cash.

6. Write An Information Product

Know a lot about a subject and don’t mind writing an eBook? You can make a product and sell it on ClickBank which will allow other affiliates to sell your products.

7. Traffic Tip 1 – Forum Marketing

Find all the major forums around your niche or interest, contribute with quality information and reply and you can set-up your forum signature to contain your affiliate link.

8. Traffic Tip 2 – Video Marketing

Why not take advantage of the massive traffic generating power of the likes of YouTube make some videos around your niche and direct them to your Blog, Website or affiliate product.

9. Traffic Tip 3 – Article Marketing

Want to get some really quality traffic to your blog or website then EzineArticles could be for you its free to sign up.

10. Traffic Tip 4 – Pay Per Click

Want to do some paid advertising? Why not try some pay per click advertising and bid on keywords relevant to your niche (I would recommend reading up a lot more this subject before starting).

Source by Benjamin Harbour