Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online – Making Money Blogging

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online – Making Money Blogging


If you’re looking for legitimate ways to make money online, you should realize that there are Internet marketers who are making money blogging.

Writing online journals called blogs has gained in popularity over the last several years. Many people write them as a hobby or to speak out about their favorite cause. But others are entrepreneurs who blog for their businesses.

Here are five ways you can use a blog to earn income on the Internet.

First, you can promote your own product.

Of course, the promotion should be anything but blatant. It usually involves a casual mention of your product or an ad in the site’s sidebar. Sales pitches rarely work, but reputable bloggers make sure their readers know that the writer will make money if the readers purchase the product.

The product you promote might be an e-book you’ve written. If you are an antique collector, for example, you could write an e-book on how to tell the age of furniture. Since the book is in digital form you’ll get most, if not all, the profit.

Second, you can promote products you don’t own.

There are literally thousands of retailers who will gladly give you a commission to promote their products. Some are information products such as e-books but many others are items people might usually buy at the mall. As more people shop on the Internet for everything from guitars to televisions, these possibilities increase.

Third, you can promote your services.

If you have training in a certain area, you can blog about it as a way to make people aware of your expertise. For example, if you’ve taken courses on how to be a life coach, you can write about personal development issues as a way of attracting clients.

Fourth, you can promote other services.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve had a positive experience with a service that has an affiliate program. Perhaps you’ve learned a lot in an Internet training program that will pay you if you refer other people who join.

Fifth, you can sell advertising.

One popular method of online advertising, Google AdSense, pays you every time someone clicks on an ad. You might also find other advertisers who sell products related to your blog’s subject.

There are other legitimate ways to make money online, but making money blogging is an option you should explore.

Source by Steve M. DeVane