Make Money Online With Blogs – 4 Very Important Things Bloggers Must...

Make Money Online With Blogs – 4 Very Important Things Bloggers Must Know About Making Money Online


One of the most popular ways people want to use to make money online is via blogging. The number of bloggers and blogs on the internet is very high compared to the number of other online property. The reason why blogs have proliferated all over the internet is the fact that it is now very easy to start a blog at no cost. All you need to start a blog is content and time.

But just starting a blog does not guarantee that you will make loads of cash online. Look around online and you will see very many broke bloggers struggling to make money online.

Do you have any idea why this is so?

These are they things i am about to discuss with you.

1. Not all blog topics are profitable

Some blog topics are very profitable while some are not worth a dime. This is because the value of your blog is directly proportional to the number of people your blog can help or is helping.

This is something you need to know before you setup a blog. Profitable blog topics are topics that people usually spend a lot of money on or is a topic where people will likely spend money on.

2. Bloggers don’t know internet marketing

Most bloggers only know about how to blog. They know nothing about internet marketing and how to market to people. If you want to succeed as a blogger and make money online you need to spend time and learn internet marketing. The people that makes the most money online are internet marketers so if many bloggers can add internet marketing to their other blogging skills, they will be very successful online.

3. Free blogging platforms are not the best

Many new bloggers usually love to start blogging with free blogs like blogger. com. This is okay and works but there are many problems associated with these free blogging platforms. The first being that you don’t really own the blog and because of this, your blog can be deleted if you don’t stick to the rules of platform.

4. Some bloggers don’t build a list

I know you have likely heard this before. Well, the reason why you keep hearing it is because it is a proven fact that people who make the most money online are people who have a huge responsive list of subscribers. Many bloggers don’t build a list. Fortunately, your blog is a great asset that you can use to passively build your e-mail list fast.

Source by Mk Akan