Managing a Popular Blog

Managing a Popular Blog


Making a blog is a very simple process, but managing it in a way that it achieves success in terms of traffic generation can be a tedious process. The reason behind this is the fact that there are numerous elements that all add up to make a blog a successful one. These elements, vital for the popularity of a blog, are manifold such as the main topic of the blog, the response of people to the blog, its’ aesthetic lay out and so on.

In addition to this, another factor that adds to the popularity and success of a blog is the blogger’s skill at the proper promotion of his blog and in reaching out to Internet users that share the blogger’s interest in the subject of his blog. No simple formula guaranteeing the success of a blog is available yet. However, there are some basic factors which can add to the success rate of a blog if employed correctly. The main aim of this article is to provide an outline of these tricks of the trade which will enable bloggers to maintain a blog to be proud of.

Adding New Posts Regularly

There is no doubt that updating the blog on a regular basis with new posts is extremely important if it is to achieve success in drawing readers to it. The reason for this is that when visitors see that a blog is getting constant updates with posts that are interesting and informative on the subject under discussion they are attracted to visit it frequently. A reader may stumble upon a blog just by luck but once there, he can become an ardent subscriber depending on the frequency of new information and updates. If the blog does not offer anything new for a long period of time, it will start losing its readership and vice versa.

New posts can be of varied lengths and depth depending on the essential subject of the blog and the audience whose interests it is catering to. Often times, an article or a post that is quite short in length may generate a lot of interest among readers due to the exclusive information it may offer. A blogger who is unable to find time to produce lengthy articles for any number of reasons can avail of this method.

This would keep the blog alive and readers will not stop dwindling away due to a lack of activity. Some bloggers try to solve this problem by taking the help of guest bloggers. However, this can prove detrimental to the success of a blog. Readers that frequent a blog start having certain expectation from its contents and if a guest blogger falls short of delivering quality content, readers will turn away in disappointment. Therefore, it is imperative that bloggers thoroughly test the skills of their guest bloggers before allowing them to post on the blog.

Knowing the Audience

A blog’s success is also affected by the blog owner’s understanding of his readers. More often than not, a popular blog receives visitors that are interested in a certain kind of posts. The blog, therefore, puts the spotlight on an exclusive niche to cater to these readers. Supplying information related to the niche is one way of keeping a loyal readership. However, this is not the only way in which a blogger can form an understanding of his audience.

Another method of understanding the audience is to have knowledge of the readers’ preference in the type of information being given and its’ presentation. Some visitors are interested in lengthy pieces of information, others only have time and patience for a short piece, yet others may prefer articles that have bullet points so they can quickly skim through them. Knowing what the readers expect from the posts is as big an advantage for the blogger as is providing well researched and accurate information.

Introducing and Appraising Changes

Last but not least is the ability of the bloggers to not only introduce timely changes to the blog but also to have a clear idea how these changes would be received by the blog’s audience. This is a very important point because if a blog is already doing well and the blog owner introduces some change that is unacceptable to the audience, he may find his blog’s visitor statistics to have started falling. To avoid any such problems from arising, the blogger should start off by making one small change at a time and keep track of comments left by visitors to figure out if the changes are to the liking of most of them or not.

Also, a blog may find itself in trouble regarding the number of visitors it receives if the owner makes changes to it without keeping a sharp eye on the effect they are having on the traffic. A better approach is to only introduce minor changes and evaluate how they are affecting the traffic as this would help towards producing a successful blog.

Source by Judith Allison