SEO Facts – An Overview for Beginners

SEO Facts – An Overview for Beginners


Google, Yahoo, and Bing are three popular search engines that have changed the way people find information on internet. Around 90% of internet users use search engines to find information on internet. In less than one second after typing keywords in search box, this smart engine can provide you with list of hundreds or even millions of websites that have relations with the keywords that you have typed in the search box. Millions of webmasters always struggle to make their websites listed on the first page of search engines, especially Google. Being listed on first page on targeted keywords is important, because first page offers more visitors, and visitors mean traffic to website, and traffic means bigger chance to earn money. The effort from webmasters to make their websites listed on the first page on the targeted keywords is called as search engine optimization or SEO.

On online business, content and SEO are two fundamental factors to get profit. SEO always becomes the hottest topic among webmasters, because most webmasters do not know exactly the correct techniques. Unfortunately, search engines always change their algorithms. It makes webmasters have to find new techniques whenever search engines change their algorithms. Today, when you search for SEO techniques on internet, you will find hundreds or even thousands of different techniques. A few of the techniques really work and can bring websites to the first page, but most of the techniques are not more than garbage. Web developers, programmers, and software developers are still considered as people who have better knowledge about SEO. SEO techniques are divided into 2: white-hat technique and black-hat technique. White-hat is legal and black-hat is illegal.

Among many SEO techniques that you may find on internet, there are several proven SEO techniques that have been used by millions of webmasters around the world. The first technique is creating unique website content. Website content must be original, it is not recommended to copy content from other websites and paste the content on your website. You can immediately get banned from search engine if you perform this action. The second technique is back link campaign. Back link is fundamental for website to get higher rank. Webmasters must have as many back links as possible to bring their websites to the top page. There are many ways to get back links, such as buying links from other webmasters or approaching other webmasters to get free back links. Another SEO technique is performing daily posting or at least weekly posting. Search engine likes websites that always update their content, especially unique content. All successful webmasters use these three SEO techniques to get the top page position. It is recommended to all webmasters to filter every incoming SEO technique, because not all techniques are useful.

Source by Ahongpek Saputra