Start a Blog – Making Money Blogging

Start a Blog – Making Money Blogging


If you’re here reading this now, then it’s probably because the question of making money blogging, has been strong enough to cause you to search for that ‘very’ topic.

Well now that you’re here, let me share my ‘blogging journey’ with you.

Where I started from

My family had grown up, moved away from home, and all of a sudden I had so much more time to start questioning why I do what I was doing. That is, working in the office of a school, and letting life pass me by.

I had moved up to Sydney (from right down the bottom of Victoria) and after three years moved back again. I worked in supermarkets, administration offices and finally schools, as an Aboriginal educator and assistant.

I loved sharing the Aboriginal culture with children in schools and kindergartens, but was ‘hankering’ for something even more fulfilling in my life.

I’ll be honest with you here, I also yearned to make more money and live the lifestyle I had always dreamed of.

My search led me to personal development seminars

Like many others, I jumped online, and searched for money making opportunities. Making money blogging had not even entered my ‘imagination’ at this time. What I did come up with, was an opportunity making money through eBay.

So I signed up, dragged my partner at the time along, and off we went to a four day workshop to learn how to make money from eBay. Now don’t get me wrong, eBay is a great opportunity for many, and I came away from the workshop determined that I could make it my career.

However, at the workshop, one of the speakers, Pat Mesiti, also caught my attention. So I signed up for his Prosperity seminars, and came away feeling very inspired.

I have now attended many of Pat’s seminars and workshops, and have found his motivational strategies, extremely beneficial in building my confidence, and own personal development.

What’s all this got to do with making money blogging?

Through personal development, or self development seminars, you meet many people who are looking for the same things. That is, a better lifestyle, more opportunities to not only make money, but help others along the way.

Prosperity becomes a lifestyle that embraces much more than just finances, but rather, mindset, relationships, giving to others, and much more.

Through the many speakers I’ve heard, and online research I did, I came across Sean Rasmussen’s internet marketing site, webvision 2020, and his Year of the Affiliate coaching program.

Joining Sean’s forum started me on an exciting journey of blogging. Now let me say up front, this was not an instant ‘get rich story’, that some will often give us the impression of. I was impressed by the integrity and honesty of Sean’s personality.

I started out slowly, blogging about a passion for Aboriginal art. Had a few ‘hiccups’ along the way, but as with most things, success comes when you don’t give up.

That original website has now become established and successful, and I have built more websites along the way.

Persistence – a key to success

A recent comment on my site, reminded me about something I’ve heard many times during my search to educate my own personal development, and that is ‘persistence’.

To achieve success in whatever you put your mind to, whether it be making money blogging, eBay, property investment, or the many other strategies for making money opportunities, you must keep persisting.

Those who give up, are often just a ‘breath away’ from achieving great success.

You hear so much wonderful information, that can change your mindset, and your life, when learning about personal development, that you can sometimes forget some of the important facts. Like persisting.

Persistence is a necessary element to achieving success, and profit, through blogging, but the results are worth it.

I’m proud of you, as you’ve been ‘persistent’ to read thus far, and the rest I’ll keep for another day.

I wish you well in your journey, and your persistence, in achieving your dreams (hopefully through blogging).

If it is your desire to start blogging, then I recommend you take action, ‘bite the bullet’ and just make a start.

You can find tips and resources to get you started on your blogging journey at my website.

Cheers and best wishes.

Source by Bronwyn Ferguson