The Foundations For Building A Long Term, Sustainable Online Business

The Foundations For Building A Long Term, Sustainable Online Business


Most new businesses fail within the first year of operation and internet businesses are no exception. In fact; online businesses are maybe more susceptible to failing within that first year. That’s because most online entrepreneurs put too much faith on trends or tactics.

I’ve seen tactics come and go and I’ve seen which have stuck. Sure, when you follow trends you could easily get lot of attention within a short amount of time. You could get a big influx of clients or customers when you’re following the newest tactic. But the one thing you have to remember is that trends don’t last. All that traffic you got by following that latest “trend” could easily disappear as soon as that trend dies.

When you start an online business, you have to think of things that you know will work on a long-term basis. When you think long-term, your business becomes sustainable and it will continue to profit for as long as you take care of it. Sure, it takes a little bit more work but you only need to do most of the work at the beginning. Any maintenance work you’ll need to do will be quick and easy from that point.

And the great thing about building a long-term business is that you can easily step back and let somebody run that business for you. You can outsource your entire business and let your staff do all the work because you know it will work despite of any changes Google throws at you.

So how do you build a business that’s sustainable and will last the long term? Here are the 4 main foundations of a long-term online business.

1. Careful niche selection and business model planning. You have to choose your niches wisely. When you’re looking at niches you basically have to look at 3 things: competition, profitability, and ease of getting there.

Once you found your niche, then choose create a business model based on the amount of work that going to be involved in that niche. Is it an affiliate product or are you going to create your own products? How much demand is there and how much work do you have to do to meet that demand.

A carefully selected niche and planned out business model is going to be the blueprint of your business. Doing it right and planning it carefully helps ensure everything that follows after that would run just as smoothly.

2. Good content never goes of style. It’s something that Google always wants and what your customers will always want. Invest in good quality content because it’s what keeps the traffic coming and it’s what makes your clients want for more.

3. Do SEO the right way. SEO is very dependent on the whims of Google but if you do SEO the right way, you won’t be affected much by any policy changes that Google throw at you.

Doing SEO the right way means using white hat techniques, not spamming and building links naturally. You can make these links look natural by starting small and slow, and by making your links more random.

This process always works and when it’s done this way, the links don’t go away. Your rankings may change slightly as Google changes but in the long term, you’ll keep your ranking and stay there.

4. Invest in good quality links that last. Concentrate your SEO efforts on building links that last. Quality links like directory submission, article submissions, videos, social networking, social bookmarking, links from high PR sites, or mini nets are the things that keep your site on the first few pages of Google.

Building and maintain these quality links takes work, I know. But by far, they’re best way of determining which sites are the best. Google and all the other search engines know that and there’s no other way around it. Building as many good quality links as you can takes time but any effort you put into building good links is time well spent because it directs quality traffic to your site.

Investing your time, effort and money on the things that will make your business successful and competitive in the long run are investments worth making. Don’t be dazzled by “instant” or “get rich quick” schemes. The internet does move at the speed of light but the internet business is still a business. If you want to make a profit you have to work for it, put some time into, and do as much as you can into making your online business the best that it can be.