The Shameful Business Of Bloggers Making Money On Instagram

The Shameful Business Of Bloggers Making Money On Instagram


If you haven’t already thrown up in your mouth today, lemme help you get the ball rolling. Harper’s Bazaar interviewed Danielle Bernstein, well-knownblogger/Instagram personality, on the condition the magazine not speak to anyone else for a story about how much money bloggers make off their IG accounts, which are often filled with seeded product and sponsored content. So, just how much cash does this 22-year-old bring in? In her own words, $5,000 to $15,000 per post, especially once she hits 1 million followers, which may be very soon considering she is at 993,000 currently and, well, just got featured in fucking Harper’s. Passing the 1 million mark is a big deal because then she can charge more! YAY! My lunch is currently all over my trash can.

The piece goes a little deeper to discover that there’s basically a dedicated Instagram economy now. Brands shell out more than $1 billion a year for sponsored Instagram posts. Then, there are some guidelines to how it’s actually done. Contracted work where a poster agrees to feature a certain brand often comes with promises to not mention any competitors and some go as far as not to mention any on the account for an extended period of time.

We all know this is going on, but, like, c’mon, I’ve never heard of anything so completely disingenuous. Also, was this interview not a totally terrible branding move on Bernstein’s part? I don’t think it’s the best idea to disclose how much people are paying you. Keep that shit confidential in emails. Last time I checked, you don’t want that rate getting out there. AND WE’RE NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTS EITHER. BLOGGERS WILL GET PAID TO INFORM THEIR FOLLOWERS THAT THEY ARE INDEED WATCHING A SPECIFIC TV SHOW, like Project Runway in Bernstein’s case.

Am I jealous of the money? You bet your fucking ass I am. I’d love to rake in that much from popping fire ‘grams of free shit. Just think of all the jawnz I could cop. Then again, it’s gotta be tough when your full-time job is to live a life that’s at least partially fake. Is there anything they actually enjoy that they don’t get paid to?

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