Top 10 YouTube ads in May: Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste wins top spot...

Top 10 YouTube ads in May: Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste wins top spot with 33M views


After Apple owning more than half of YouTube’s ad leaderboard in April, last month saw a mix of brands in the top 10, with Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste spot ranking No. 1.

Earning 33 million views, the soup brand won nearly as many views as all of last month’s top 10 ads, which pulled in a combined 37.8 million views.

Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste ad follows the creative direction behind last year’s viral “First Kiss” spot, but instead of pairing strangers to kiss, the brand matched up strangers according to their favorite soups and had them feed one another.

Mother’s Day helped P&G and Cricket Wireless break into the top 10 list, with both brands launching ads focused on moms. P&G revisited its “Thank You, Mom” series in a new ad for the Rio Olympics, while Cricket Wireless took the funny track in its “PhotoMombing” spot riffing on photo-bombs by moms.

GoPro was the only brand to have more than one spot in the top 10, earning a combined 6.4 million views with one ad at No. 4 and another at No. 6.

With 60.8 million combined views and more than 96 million minutes of watch time, last month’s top video ads generated nearly double the number of views and watch time of April’s top 10 most popular ads, which earned only 42.8 million minutes of watch time.

1. Knorr: #LoveAtFirstTaste (33M views)

2. Evian: Baby Bay (7M views)

3. P&G: Thank You, Mom – Strong | Rio 2016 Olympic Games (5M views)

4. GoPro: On a Rocket Launch to Space (3.8M views)

5. Lufthansa: Everyone’s Fanhansa (3.3M views)

6. GoPro: Man and Grizzly Bear – Adventures with Bella (2.6M views)

7. McDonald’s Malaysia: Angry Birds (2M views)

8. Benzac (w/ BuzzFeedYellow): Things You Wish You Could Control In High School (1.1M views)

9. Temptations Brand: CATTERBOX™ – The world’s first talking cat collar (1M views)

10. Cricket Wireless: #PhotoMombing! Because Moms Are the Bomb! (968K views)

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