Using Your Blog to Make Money

Using Your Blog to Make Money


Entrepreneurs everywhere are using blogs to make money. One of their favourite methods is selling advertising space on their blogs. This is a proven method for making money but it depends heavily on the amount of visitors the blog owner can drive to his/her blog.

If this is a method you would like to try, there are a couple of ways to go about it. Probably the most popular way is by running Google AdSense ads on your blog. This is not too difficult as all you have to do is apply to the Google AdSense team and as long as your blog meets their terms and conditions they will normally let you into the program.

The AdSense method can be very lucrative and some   bloggers   make  good profits from it, but although it is easy to set up and implement it is not so easy to really make it pay. I would go as far as to guess that the majority make only a very small income each month.

Another widespread method is called affiliate marketing, this is where you run ads on your blog for other peoples products, this could be through banners, text blocks, etc. This approach can be very lucrative if you have a lot of traffic to your blog and they are well-targeted readers.

Many of the product owners will pay their affiliates a very good percentage on the selling price of the product, so you do not need to make that many sales to receive a worthwhile side income. Many of the product owners will supply you with marketing material in the shape of articles, images, and product descriptions. It is, of course, in their interest to help you sell as many products as possible.

You can combine both these methods to increase your chances of making some bank, and once you have the ads up on your blog, you can then concentrate on producing valuable content to attract visitors. At the end of the day, your side income from advertising on your blog will depend on getting that targeted traffic. In my opinion, this is the key to a successful moneymaking blog.

Source by James Hunaban