VR is coming to the Google Play store this fall with Daydream

VR is coming to the Google Play store this fall with Daydream


Users have downloaded more than 50 million Google Cardboard-enabled apps since the debut of the humble virtual reality headset developers found under their chairs at I/O two years ago, Clay Bavor, VP of virtual reality at Google, announced as he showed off Google’s latest VR efforts on Wednesday at this year’s I/O developer conference.

Google unveiled Daydream, the new platform for virtual reality that’s built on top of Android N, to take VR more mainstream. Google has been working with partners including Alcate, Asus, Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE to develop Daydream-ready Android N phones, with the first phones slated for release this fall. Google has also released “reference designs” for a VR headset and controller.

A Daydream version of the Google Play Store will feature VR-enabled content, including games from EA, Ubisoft and NetEase, as well as streaming video from HBO Now, CNN, Netflix, MLB.com and more. Bavor also noted that YouTube has been built from the ground up for virtual reality to easily watch standard and VR videos.

Google Photos, Play Movies and Street View will also get the Daydream treatment.

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