Marketing Land Live #18: Apple’s WWDC news, MSFT buys LinkedIn, Facebook...

[WATCH] Marketing Land Live #18: Apple’s WWDC news, MSFT buys LinkedIn, Facebook “all video” & more


Last week was a big one for marketing news, and that prompted a full hour’s worth of conversation and analysis in the latest episode of our weekly video show — and now a podcast, too — Marketing Land Live.

We began by discussing the news from Apple’s annual developers conference, including the potential impact on Google from Apple’s move to bring Siri search to the desktop. We also talked about the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal and what it might mean for digital advertisers. There were a couple rants during the show — one about a Facebook VP’s prediction that News Feed will be “probably all video” within five years, and the other about the confusion over how Google Autocomplete works and accusations that it’s been favoring U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

This episode runs just under an hour and features Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin, Greg Sterling, Danny Sullivan and myself. You can watch the replay below, and be sure to scroll below the video for this week’s Show Notes, with links to the stories we talked about.

If you’d prefer an audio version of our weekly show, it’s now available as a podcast on both iTunes and Google Play Podcasts.

Show Notes

Apple brings Siri to Mac, new exposure for non-Google search engines

Siri goes viral: Apple opens up the virtual assistant to third-party developers

Apple Maps becomes a platform with new extensions for third-party apps

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

The Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal: What it means for advertisers

Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition represents huge opportunity for Bing Ads

What Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn means for Bing and LinkedIn Ads

Facebook VP: 5 years from now, your News Feed will be “probably all video”

Official: Google is rolling out green “Ad” label globally

Google: Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause

Facebook is putting maps in ads and will measure store visits

Why location is the hottest topic in digital marketing right now

Twitter will let brands target ads based on the emojis people use ?????

Why should you enter the 2016 Search Engine Land Awards?

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